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Get to Know Flying Papaya

Flying Papaya was created by Eden Howells as a hub for their work in social media management and consulting. Our mission is to give professionals, artists and small businesses within the entertainment and creative industries the tools to thrive online. We particularly aim to prioritise working with businesses and brands owned and run by marginalised people - such as women, queer people, POC and disabled people.

Learn more about Eden and their expertises below.


Eden Howells

Social Media Manager and Consultant 




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A Bit About Eden

Eden is a young, multidisciplinary creative hailing from the quaint English town of Guildford. They have a mind for innovation and an eye for flair. After graduating with a first class honours in Comparative Literature BA from King's College London in 2022, they began working on their dream of being their own boss, while helping businesses and other creatives to showcase themselves through the power of social media. Hence came Flying Papaya. 

Eden grew up while social media gradually became the powerhouse it is today. Accordingly then, they have an intrinsic understanding of the workings of such platforms that is unique to their generation. They have been working within the world of social media management since 2020 and have worked with a range of diverse clients - from hospitality to the entertainment industry. 

Work Experience

August 2020 - Present

June 2015 - Present

September 2019 - May 2020

Freelance Social Media Manager. This includes working with a broad range of clients, regularly creating and posting content on various social media platforms, event promotion, copywriting, photography and photo/video editing, and creating posters and infographics.

Freelance Musician - Singer/Songwriter. This position varies greatly in terms of responsibilities. Relevant examples include gig booking and promotion, social media marketing, email marketing, managing a team, and working with contractors. 

Contributing Writer - Strand Magazine. This role predominantly entailed working within a team of other contributing writers, copywriting, and attending events for review.

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