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Profile Audit

This is a one time service whereby we conduct an audit and provide a report on your current social media account(s). We offer personalised support, including example content strategy, within our report on how you can improve your social media presence to increase sales or engagement. 

This service is an audit of one social media account. If you would like an audit of several accounts, do let us know - we may be able to set up a package deal for you.

£60 per profile

Profile Audit


Improve customer engagement, optimise your profile and increase sales and traction for your business with our Profile Audit service.


A profile audit is a structured analysis of your social media account. We'll produce a thorough PDF report for you, detailing our findings and consequent suggestions on how to improve your social media presence. Each report is individualised, but may include suggestions on: improving content quality, bio optimisation, highlight optimisation, hashtag strategy, scheduling etc. 

Our report will also include an example of a one month content strategy calendar, specially tailored to your businesses domain. This vital resource can then be used to help you plan out your social media strategy for the following months. In conjunction with our essential suggestions, this is the perfect beginners toolkit for firing up your businesses social media account. 

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